the teams of actions social networks medical and health with the same determination for solidarities of the health and fight against the chronic diseases and medical sensitization. save lives regardless of the context: emergency, medical awareness, public health, health and social solidarity, fragile states, food insecurity ………… ..

Our action is based on a global approach to treatment but also sustainably prevent hunger in our 21 countries of intervention in the world.
It is through citizen mobilization and activism that Action Against Chronic Disease messages will be heard. It is through the community of its members that our cause will be carried.
Join our ranks to fight together against chronic diseases around the world.


It is to adhere to the values and the principles of the association illustrated by our Activity Solidarities and Health, to be part of the family Action fight against chronic diseases so that the chronic disease ceases in the world.

To be a member is to participate in the General Assembly to discuss the issues of social and medical activities, to evaluate the good conduct of our activities and to decide tomorrow's strategic orientations, it is also to elect the Board of Directors, to speak about actions of Avss Health around you or get involved in its awareness events.

As a member, you are the voice of the association in your region, in your city, in your professional, family or friendly environment. You are the guarantors of our action. You become an actor of solidarity health in the world.

Anyone who shares our values and feels concerned about public health around the world can become a member of Action against Chronic Disease, Health and Sustainable Development. It is thanks to your conviction that solidarity is right and that the action of Avss Health will lead to change, that as a member of Action Solidarity Health, you will carry the messages of our association.



Fill out the online form by clicking on one of the two buttons below (Attention: if you are or have been a member, please tick the box "I renew my membership")
Prepay your annual subscription of 50 or 100 euros by credit card or Paypal

To be able to vote at the annual general meeting that takes place every year in June, you must apply for membership between January 1 of the current year and the last CA preceding the GA.
Vous pouvez renouveler votre cotisation sur toute l’année civile ( janvier à décembre). Cependant, afin de pouvoir voter à l’AG annuelle de juin, il faut être à jour de sa cotisation en amont de l’AG pour le derner CA qui précède l’AG de l’année en cours.


By the decision of the General Meeting of June 1, 2018, the minimum amount of membership was set at € 50. However, you can pay "support" contributions of 50 or 100 €. If you opt for a membership or membership renewal by mail, thank you for:
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