together for excellent medical education

together to advance the future of health

who are we ?

Association volunteer and solidarity health is present throughout the territory through its departmental delegates to meet its goal of helping the sick, Avss Health has structures run by specialized professionals and motivated volunteers.


Priority :

  • Medical convoys and medical seminars
  • medical awareness and pharmacies industrial research.
  • Social Action and Volunteer Medical
  • Health training
  • Favoring chronic sick people and their caregivers
  • Assistance in the creation and management of specific centers of care and accommodation for people with multiple sclerosis.
  • Support for research in health and social science.
  • Public health
  • Event and Medical Seminar
  • Sustainable development

Our Vision :

We envision communities where everyone is healthy.
Plan for improving the quality of life of people with Alzheimer’s
chronic diseases.
Therapeutic Education for All: Awareness Program for Health Professionals



Medical and Paramedical


Continuing Education of Health Personnel


Training and Research in the Pharmaceutical Industry


Hospitalis and Emergency MERGENCY Procedures Rocedures Course


Volunteer Mission

We assist and accompany volunteers to achieve the following goals:

Ensure the smooth running of the mission.
Guarantee the « institutional » well-being of the volunteer.
Guarantee the physical well-being of the volunteer
Guarantee the moral well-being of the volunteer.
Guarantee the psychological well-being of the volunteer.

 International internships

Internships at home depend on project or program activities or other ongoing initiatives at the Association, as well as staff and resources available to assist trainees.
Practicum placements are done on a voluntary basis. The work must be mutually beneficial to us, the student and the educational institution, and agreed between these three parties.



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